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The Company

As a champion of personal responsibility in our society I practice what I preach. I and my personal fortune are completely liable for all my actions (sole proprietorship).

For 25 years I have been trading coins, medals, bank notes, gold, old jewelry, watches, historical post cards and historical postal documents (philately stamps) and to this day I look forward to every exiting working day.

In 1987 I was able to take over a long-established philatelic shop at Neuengasse 38 in Berne, Switzerland and as little as four years later the jeweler′s shop on the level underneath.

In our business, my dear wife Reni is in charge of the section historical jewelry (second hand jewelry), keeps the accounts, attends to the correspondence and competently and attentively manages the business in my absence.

I have a large stock of Swiss coins, medals, bank notes, letters and historical post cards from all around the world, all well assorted. So here you will find not only small but also great rarities.

Many years now I have been regularly attending the most important fairs in Switzerland, in all of Europe but also in the United States and the annual fair in Hong Kong. As member of various clubs and the Verband der Schweizer Numismatiker (Society of Swiss Professional Numismatics) (VSBN) and as Member of the Schweizerische Briefmarkenhändlerverband (Swiss Society of Stamp Traders) (SBHV), I can and may draw from a network of contacts that is particularly and repeatedly profitable for my customers. Additionally, I regularly publish in trade journals and give lectures on various special fields. I own a publishing company for specialist books in the area of monetary economics.

Because I have a strong demand for new acquisitions I am always grateful for any offers. Do not hesitate to offer me high value single items too or even collections. I guarantee you a professional handling in which the spoken word or a handshake still are binding values. Reference: As I only buy what I can pay for, all my bills are paid within 24 hours of receipt - this they have been for 25 years.

I look forward to an e-mail, a telephone call or even a personal visit from you in my shop.

Yours truly
Johannes Müller

Johannes Müller
Johannes Müller, born 1961

Johannes Müller
Kulturgüter für Sammler zur Thematik Eidgenössische Bundesfeier
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